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Bridesmaid Hairstyles for Shorter Hair

Bridesmaid HairstyleGone are the days when the bride and every member of her party were expected to have long hair on the wedding day. Now, choice is the norm for each participant on the happy day. We’re going to focus on bridesmaid short hairstyles in this post from our staff at the Long Island Nail Skin & Hair Institute.


Many of the best wedding hairstyles for short hair in Long Island, NY, should be considered if your tresses are short and sweet. Rather than bland uniform hairdos, we are seeing an emphasis on bringing forth the natural texture of the bridesmaid’s hair.


Buns and bobs are back, as well as pixie cuts and braids and twists. But there’s no real limit to the fascinating and expressive types of hairstyles that are making their ways into wedding parties this year.


We’re seeing the best wedding hairstyles for short hair are highlighted with flower crowns or hair stickers to bring dazzle to the ‘do. Not only are these little accessories making their mark, but bridesmaids are even going with asymmetrical cuts for a unique presentation. Whatever style you are considering, we think that you should feel free to make it your own and bring your true beauty to the fore.

Top Hairstyles for the Bride in 2020

The Bride in 2020Your wedding day is your day to shine. It’s all about you, and it should be. When all eyes are on you and the cameras are flashing, you’ll be glad you chose the staff at Long Island Skin & Hair Institute. Our staff has an abundance of information and advice on the best wedding hairstyles in Long Island, NY. We want you to look your best because on this day, looks are important.


In this new decade, we are seeing a resurgence of an old favorite — the sleek center part. This option works well for brides who shun curls and want a look that’s glamorously simple.


Accessories are making their mark as well among the best wedding hairstyles. We’re not talking about earrings and jewelry here, but rather our focus is on padded headbands along with bows and scarves.


Headbands are the modern version of the tiara and come in a range of styles, from staid to whimsical. They offer you the versatility of looking great with your hair up or down. You can make a statement with a bow on your wedding day or give a glimpse of your wild side with an expressive and dynamic scarf. We also anticipate ponytails becoming a trend as well, and we see those working great with a bow or scarf.


You might want to consider some color, a tasteful turban, or a braid or two.

Permanent Makeup to Disguise Facial Scars

Disguise Facial ScarsWhen you have a facial scar, it can seem like that’s all people notice about you. While you can use makeup to cover up the scarring, it might not be practical to do so every day. Get rid of the feeling of eyes following you everywhere with permanent makeup.


This form of tattooing is most often used to achieve natural-looking eyeliner, lip liner, and brows. However, more and more permanent makeup courses in Long Island are teaching techniques for other applications, like disguising facial scars. With the right microblading and color application, a skilled tattooist can reduce the appearance of scarring or even make it near invisible.


Every scar is different, so results vary. In general, however, scars stand out from the surrounding skin because they either lack pigment or they look inflamed. A tattooist can color the scar tissue to better match the rest of your skin so that it is less prominent on your face.


Visit a reputable tattooist to explore the possibilities for your scar. Be sure that they have experience with this type of work, either from an in-depth permanent makeup course or from working with clients like you. Make sure you understand what kind of results to expect before agreeing to any treatments.