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How to Find the Right Makeup School

When you are interested in a career in beauty, you might be wondering where to start. The first step is to find a school that teaches what you want to learn. So, how do you find the right beauty and makeup school in Long Island, NY? We have created a beneficial checklist that will make it easy for you to determine if the makeup classes you are about to take will actually help you in your profession.

The Check List

Does your beauty school have a website or social media presence? If not, then there is a good chance that you are not looking at a top-quality makeup school.

Check the qualifications of the staff members. If the teachers at the school are qualified to teach, then it shouldn’t be hard to find the type of education or training they have had in their field. You don’t want to take lessons from someone unqualified for their position.

Contact professionals in the same industry as your chosen beauty school. Ask them if they are familiar with the school you are thinking about and if they would recommend it.

Check reviews from past students. You are likely to find what other students have to say about a school through social media or on review websites such as Yelp.

Ask for their accreditation certificate. This is important. A school’s accreditation certificate shows they have passed an accreditation process by a recognized institute or a government body.

Ensure the school has a certified staff with extensive experience in the industry. Since being an esthetician is such a hands-on job, you don’t want to learn from someone who only knows the theory but hasn’t actually spent time working face-to-face with clients.

Eyelash Extension Training 101: Why You Shouldn’t Use Alcohol-Based Primers

When you begin your eyelash extension training in Long Island, NY, you might find yourself wondering what all the fuss is about when it comes to using a primer. While there are many pros to using a primer when applying for lash extensions, not all products are created equal—and being well-versed in the dos and don’ts of proper lash application is imperative if you plan on how to become an esthetician.

You know that a strong lash bond is a key to long-lasting extensions. You also know that the faster the attachment process, the better. A lash primer was formulated to quicken the attachment time between the extension and the lash. While this might sound great, some primers can do more harm than good. The biggest culprit is alcohol-based primers.

Since they are made to remove excess oils and residue, primer often contains poly ethanol—or alcohol. While it is meant to dissolve dirt and oil from the natural lash line, it doesn’t stop there. Alcohol-based primers will also dry out the entire area, which can lead to brittle lashes and dry, flaky lids. Other potential risks that can come with using an alcohol-based primer include the following:

Dryness – The alcohol in the primer solution can sit on your client’s skin for days. This dries out the skin and the hair follicles, which creates weaker lashes and irritating dryness.

Eye Irritation – If too much alcohol-based primer is used, there is a potential that it could leak into the eyes of your client. Even when washed out immediately, there is a good chance that the alcohol will cause painful burning followed by irritation and redness.

Weakened Bond – The ultimate irony of using an alcohol-based primer is that a product formulated to create such a strong bond will ultimately weaken the adhesion. This is because the alcohol removes moisture from the lashes in addition to dirt and oil. That means there is nothing to help the lash glue cure, which leaves your client with brittle, less flexible lashes that are difficult to bond.

What Do You Learn in Permanent Makeup Classes?

One of the fastest-growing beauty services is permanent makeup. On Long Island, NY, up-and-coming professionals learn everything they need to know about this field at Long Island Nail Skin & Hair Institute. Our curriculum includes:

Precautions: The fundamentals of permanent makeup training are sanitation, sterilization, and other universal precautions. Everything else you may learn is meaningless if you do not learn how to conduct your business in a safe manner.

Consultations and Contraindication: To satisfy your future clients, you need to understand how to conduct productive consultations. In addition, you must learn the relevant contraindications—circumstances in which techniques should not be used.

Anatomy and Physiology: You may think you already know plenty about facial anatomy, but there is always more to learn. We’ll take you past surface-level knowledge so that you can utilize permanent makeup techniques effectively.

Color Theory: Some people have a good eye for colors; others don’t. The good news is that it is a skill you can sharpen in our makeup classes.

Techniques: The bulk of your studies will consist of learning and practicing the actual techniques of permanent makeup, including tattooing and microblading.

Business Knowledge: Finally, our classes will set you up for success by teaching you some business basics, all tailored to the specific needs of permanent makeup and microblading.

Should You Enroll in Bridal Makeup Classes?

Any makeup artist looking to expand their career should definitely consider undergoing bridal makeup training. The following are just a few reasons to enroll in our bridal makeup classes on Long Island, NY:

Becoming an All-Rounder: If you’re similar to most makeup artists, you probably feel most confident doing everyday looks since that’s likely what you’ve practiced most. By learning bridal styles, you become a more well-rounded professional.

Increasing Your Client Base: Most people only hire makeup artists for special occasions—like weddings. By taking formal bridal training, you can serve brides, bridesmaids, and anyone else who wants to look their best on a special day.

Adding to Your Credentials: Even if someone is considering you for a different service like permanent makeup or waxing, they will feel more confident choosing you if you have several credentials. Any additional training you take beyond the basics will only make you more attractive to clients.

Learn more about the bridal makeup classes and other courses available at Long Island Nail Skin & Hair Institute by contacting us today. If you’re wondering how to become an esthetician, we encourage you to reach out to our staff for complete information about our institute’s programs.