A Beginner’s Guide to Skincare

Guide to SkincareYour skin is the largest organ in your body, yet it is all too easy to neglect or even mistreat it. It’s important to practice effective skincare to keep yourself looking healthy and young as long as possible. Dry, cracked, and wrinkly skin presents a picture of age, while smooth skin speaks of youth.


Read any article on how to become an esthetician and you’ll quickly notice how they all talk about maintaining a consistent approach to skincare that features a plan to follow. A plan will help your future clients better understand how to care for their own skin.


By taking a few simple steps, you can maintain an appearance that exudes wellbeing and beauty. You need to start with a gentle cleanser followed by a good moisturizer that keeps your skin soft and supple. Protection should be your next step, and that means using sunscreen to ward off the harmful effects of UV rays.


Make these products a regular part of your skincare routine, both day and night, to derive the maximum benefit from them. It may take some time to see results, but with patience, you will be rewarded with skin that emits a glow of health.


You can learn how to become an esthetician at the Long Island Nail Skin & Hair Institute and help people make their skin look as good as possible.