What You Should Know About the Best Microblading

Microblading is a popular process for enhancing your beauty. This blog post is for you when you are considering having this done and wish to find the best microblading in Long Island, NY. The team at Long Island Nail Skin & Hair Institute will help you understand what you should look for during your search.

Look for a salon that is staffed by certified professionals that are endowed with a wealth of experience. Estheticians that have a significant amount of expertise in their field know how to select the ideal microblading procedures for your skin type and facial form.

If you are a student looking to find the best esthetician schools, make certain that you find an institute that offers the art of permanent makeup and how to perform various techniques for clients.

The training salon you consider should have a curriculum encompassing all the aspects of microblading, from sanitation and sterilization to client consultation to color theory to anatomy and physiology.

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How to Find the Best Esthetician Schools

When you are looking to begin a new career in the beauty industry, you want to make sure the training you get is second to none. Starting strong is the best way to begin any new endeavor, and you will when you look around first. In this blog post from Long Island Nail Skin & Hair Institute, we will provide tips on finding the best esthetician schools.

You want to locate a school with experienced staff members that have a great deal of expertise in their fields and are happy to discuss the training program with you. Meeting the staff and instructors gives you insight into the quality of courses offered and the professional relationship you will develop with your instructors.

Other practical considerations include the cost. Make sure you know the total prices and any associated fees, so you are not surprised when it comes time to pay. You should also see if there is any type of financial assistance available to students.

If you get to work with real clients during your education, it is a sign that your education will be a comprehensive and major practical step when you wish on how to become an esthetician.

If you wish to learn more, feel free to contact us at Long Island Nail Skin & Hair Institute with your questions. We are always happy to speak with prospective students.

Learn How to Become a Makeup Artist in Long Island

If you’ve always wanted to learn how to become a makeup artist in Long Island, you can trust schools like Long Island Nail Skin & Hair Institute. Doing makeup is an art form that requires a vast amount of skill, patience, and experience to masterfully blend all facets of makeup into a beautiful creation. But the first step is finding a great school that has the staff, programs, and other educational resources to help you open the gates to the beauty industry.


Here are a few steps to help guide you towards becoming an amazing makeup artist:

  1. Enroll in a Makeup Program at Cosmetology School
  2. Build Your Portfolio with Makeup Photos and Other Visuals
  3. Be Social with Clients and Hair Stylists
  4. Network with People in the Makeup Industry
  5. Learn New Makeup Styles and Trends

Taking makeup classes is the best way to combine theory and hands-on experience to begin accumulating the experience and portfolio examples for your graduation. Social media is a great way to start circulating your work and share your passion with other artists when busy with school and work.

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Tips for Facial Waxing

When it comes to giving our faces the pampering it deserves, we want to ensure our skin is the best condition possible. The same goes for facial waxing in Long Island, NY. The product used for the job should be gentle on the skin so as not to irritate it with the heated wax. That is why schools like the Long Island Nail Skin & Hair Institute teach you how to master many beauty services. Consider the following tips and steps to ensure you are ready to do a great job.

Doing brows is a popular service where clients opt for waxing or microblading; you want to make sure you learn how to do both, but when it comes to the waxing process, you need to be careful since it involves heat and a highly sticky substance. Here are some items you’ll need:

  • Wax Warmer or Microwave
  • Cream Wax or special Wax for your Facial Hair and Skin Type
  • Pre-Wax Cleanser
  • Talc-Free Powder
  • Muslin or Pellon Strips
  • Wooden Applicators
  • Tweezers

Now, although it’s tempting to start waxing when you see the slightest bit of hair growth on your face, make sure to wait until it’s ¼ inch long. If it’s shorter than this, then the wax could be ineffective and cause ingrown hairs.

Choose a reliable salon like the Long Island Nail Skin & Hair Institute for waxing, microblading, and other beauty services that will make you look and feel your best.

Consider The Benefits Of Microblading For Your Eyebrows

Shaping your eyebrows can be transformative. If you’re tired of the maintenance, consider getting microblading on Long Island, NY. This technique means less fuss, better brows, and more confidence.

Major Time Saver

Trying to get your eyebrows perfect, even with products, can be arduous. Stop leaning over the sink and save time with microblading.

Put Your Money Away

Brushes, fillers, and fixers can add up. Put that money away and give your brows a break with microblading.

Follow The Blueprint

Microblading provides a handy guide that helps you maintain shape and consistency. Trust the blueprint and just stay within the lines.

Naturally You

The best microblading results look exceptionally natural. Bring harmony to your face and give yourself the beautiful brows you’ve always wanted.

Three Years Of Good Brows

Although microblading deposits ink into the skin, it’s not permanent. Plus, you’ll get up to three years of perfect brows before you need a reapplication.

Goodbye Upkeep

Less maintenance means more time for the things you’d rather be doing! No more reapplying makeup; your brows stay right where they should.

Perfectly Painless

Your microblading procedure will include numbing topical ointments to dull the area before the application. You likely won’t feel a thing.

Safety First

Microblading is extremely safe, but only a licensed esthetician should complete the procedure.

Two Hours Or Less

In under two hours, you’ll have the eyebrows you’ve always wanted and get to enjoy the benefits right away!

So You Want To Learn How To Become An Esthetician

Esthetics concentrates on the care of the skin. Throughout your schooling, you’ll become proficient in cleansing, facials, chemical peels, waxing, massages, and makeup application. Training involves commitment, examinations, and a passion for helping people feel beautiful. If you want to learn how to become an esthetician, consider the following and sign up for a course today!

The primary requirements to become a licensed esthetician include:

Esthetician School

Esthetician schools provide comprehensive training to prepare you for your new career. The school will supply the information you need to succeed and prepare you for your exams.

Training Hour Requirements

You’ll also need to complete training hours to obtain your license. The requirements vary from state to state, so be sure you know how many hours you need to become qualified.


Passing the National-Interstate Council of State Boards of Cosmetology exam is a critical step because you will not get a license or be allowed to offer esthetic services without it.


Once you complete and pass your exams, you’ll work under an experienced esthetician while you gain confidence in your new role.

However, in the end, your hard work will pay off. You’ll then be able to tell your friends and family how you became an esthetician.

The Benefits of Becoming a Lash Technician

closeup of an eyelashWhen it comes to the beauty industry, there are many areas where you can work for yourself and build a customer base. One option you can choose is eyelash extension training in Long Island, NY, so that you can become certified and begin your journey as an entrepreneur in the beauty industry. Becoming an eyelash technician takes a great deal of precision, practice, and steady-handedness, all feats that require a lot of practice and proper training due to the sensitivity of the eye area. Long Island Nail Skin & Hair Institute is a great location to get started.

Being your own boss is also becoming a trend within itself; becoming an expert in your field will always yield customers that are willing to put their trust in you and your services. When you undergo eyelash extension training, it will be no exception when you’re ready to open your own place. There are great benefits to gain when you become a lash technician, including:

  • Flexible Scheduling
  • Unlimited Earning Potential
  • Growth Opportunities
  • Fun Clientele
  • Relaxed Atmosphere
  • Ability to Work from Home
  • Job Security
  • Fast Training
  • Personal Pride

Contact Long Island Nail Skin & Hair Institute for more information about their eyelash extension training and other services. They’ll be glad to help you gain the skills that you need.


Building Your Professional Makeup Kit on a Budget

makeup kitThe beauty industry is huge, which means you’ll need to build a stellar makeup portfolio to build experience. That’s why Long Island Nail Skin & Hair Institute is here to help you learn the necessary skills through their makeup artist school in Long Island. Being a makeup artist is a true skill that takes a lot of practice, knowledge, technique, and social skills that each student will hone into their own personal brand. However, like any artist, it’s important to know what tools you need to make your masterpiece.

When you’re starting your journey as a makeup artist, you’ll need to think about the skin tones and textures you’ll be working with. You’ll also have to consider how each primer, foundation, eyeshadow, and other cosmetics interact with each skin type as not to irritate. In any case, you need these essential items in your makeup kit:

  • Primer
  • Foundation
  • Eyeliner
  • Mascara
  • Eye Shadow
  • Bronzer
  • Blush
  • Lipstick
  • Lip Liner
  • Brushes

If you want to be extra prepared to go the extra mile, which you should always be, here is a list of other items you should carry:

  • False Lashes
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Face Powder
  • Concealer
  • Eye Primer
  • Lip Balm

When you have these cosmetics, makeup artist school will teach you how to accentuate the versatile faces you’ll encounter. Through learning new skills, you’ll be able to build your portfolio with the help of volunteers and, eventually, individual clients. Contact Long Island Nail Skin & Hair Institute to learn more about their course and practical exam.


How to Select Permanent Lip Colors for Your Clients

lip blushingThe beauty industry has many products that we love to buy to look our best, but over time it can really put a dent in your wallet. That’s why companies like Long Island Nail Skin & Hair Institute offer treatments for permanent makeup in Long Island, NY, specifically for lip color. They have a skilled team of cosmetologists that can help apply your favorite lip color in a safe and relaxing atmosphere. Your lips will be looking prime and ready for any occasion, and you won’t need to worry about buying the right shade of lipstick ever again.

The permanent makeup procedure for lips, however, is a little more complex. It requires more knowledge, color technique, and design to get the undertone and palette right. Despite the strong pigments, this treatment will give you a natural-looking finish that enhances the face and eliminates the need for constantly buying lip cosmetics. But choosing the color itself isn’t a simple task; it’s more of a process because the color interacts differently with the lip tissue. It also takes two or more sessions to get the desired results, and it’s essential to trust your cosmetologist to get you the results you want.

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The History of Microblading

woman with striking eyebrowsMicroblading has quickly become a significantly popular beauty trend that has taken the world by storm. Categorized as permanent makeup, microblading is worth the investment if you’re looking to save long-term on eyebrow makeup. That’s why salons like Long Island Nail Skin & Hair Institute have highly experienced beauticians qualified to do the procedure for you. But despite its more recent success, this technique has a more lengthy history than we might imagine. Before it made its way to the Western world, you can trace its origins to Asia.

Microblading once had many other names, including microstroking, feather tattooing, eyebrow tattooing, “the Japanese Method,” feathering, and hairstroking. It rose to prominence 25 years ago in Asia, later making its way to the US. Though this started trending in Europe and the US in 2010, microblading was already widely known around the world in countries like Singapore and Korea as early as 2005. Currently, Las Vegas holds the title as one of the most popular places to get the treatment considering it is one of the main training hubs in the US.

Contact Long Island Nail Skin & Hair Institute to learn more about the treatment. It is worth the investment if you’re looking for a safe, permanent makeup procedure.