Eyelash Extension Training

Eyelash Extension Training 101: Why You Shouldn’t Use Alcohol-Based Primers

When you begin your eyelash extension training in Long Island, NY, you might find yourself wondering what all the fuss is about when it comes to using a primer. While there are many pros to using a primer when applying for lash extensions, not all products are created equal—and being well-versed in the dos and don’ts of proper lash application is imperative if you plan on how to become an esthetician.

You know that a strong lash bond is a key to long-lasting extensions. You also know that the faster the attachment process, the better. A lash primer was formulated to quicken the attachment time between the extension and the lash. While this might sound great, some primers can do more harm than good. The biggest culprit is alcohol-based primers.

Since they are made to remove excess oils and residue, primer often contains poly ethanol—or alcohol. While it is meant to dissolve dirt and oil from the natural lash line, it doesn’t stop there. Alcohol-based primers will also dry out the entire area, which can lead to brittle lashes and dry, flaky lids. Other potential risks that can come with using an alcohol-based primer include the following:

Dryness – The alcohol in the primer solution can sit on your client’s skin for days. This dries out the skin and the hair follicles, which creates weaker lashes and irritating dryness.

Eye Irritation – If too much alcohol-based primer is used, there is a potential that it could leak into the eyes of your client. Even when washed out immediately, there is a good chance that the alcohol will cause painful burning followed by irritation and redness.

Weakened Bond – The ultimate irony of using an alcohol-based primer is that a product formulated to create such a strong bond will ultimately weaken the adhesion. This is because the alcohol removes moisture from the lashes in addition to dirt and oil. That means there is nothing to help the lash glue cure, which leaves your client with brittle, less flexible lashes that are difficult to bond.

Keep Up Your Skills with At-Home Eyelash Extension Training

Your makeup classes and eyelash extension training on Long Island, NY, include everything you need to know to produce great lashes for your customers. The only thing you’re missing is the practice needed to create the perfect results. But how do you become an expert without testing your skills on paying customers? Practice at home!

There are several ways you can increase your skill level without worrying about making mistakes:

Use the Hair on Your Head

The hair on your head is similar enough to eyelashes to make it the ideal substitute. Take a strand and tape it across the opening of an empty cup. Start attaching the fans to the hair; this practice will help you get used to using adhesive.

Apply Extensions to a Sponge

If you struggle to keep your extensions neat, try using a sponge with a rounded edge. First, apply a base set of lashes to the sponge, and then work on adding extensions to the lashes.

Use a Mannequin

If you don’t have a mannequin, consider adding one to your eyelash extension training process. Treat the mannequin as you would a client by using the undereye pads, adding natural lashes, and then applying for the extensions.

Practice with a Friend

If you know someone willing to be your model, ask them to sit for you. They’ll get a set of lovely lashes, and you’ll get in the practice!

All About Eyelash Extension Training in Long Island, NY

When you are considering learning a new career or developing a new skill, it is essential that you get the most effective training you can find. That is the purpose of this blog post from Long Island Nail Skin & Hair Institute. Its purpose is to discuss the best eyelash extension training in Long Island, NY.

We will do our bit to give you some insight into extensions or lash strips. Extensions are more precise than strips, and they are put on by a licensed professional. Eyelash extension training gives you a full appreciation of the human eyelash and how best to work safely and carefully around this delicate area.

This training is very intensive because there are many specifics you need to learn as a student. You will find out about classic, volumized, and hybrid looks. Your studies will also help you understand the various curl styles, ranging from J, which looks like a gently curving letter J, up to L, which has the sharpest curl. The final important distinction that you will learn is the length of extensions. These details and many other techniques, applications, and health considerations form a well-rounded education in eyelash extension training.

Becoming fully trained in eyelash extensions at a makeup school allows you to move toward being a licensed esthetician with skills you can use for a long and rewarding career.