Waxing or Laser Hair Removal? What’s Right for You?

If you were to stop someone on the street and ask them which is the most effective form of hair removal, you would likely get one of two answers—laser hair removal or waxing in Long Island, NY. That can make it difficult for someone interested in both but not sure which one to choose. To try and make the answer easier for you, we have answered the two biggest questions people have when trying to decide which treatment is right for them.

Which Is More Effective?

While waxing and laser hair removal will eliminate your unwanted hair, it is crucial to understand the amount of work that goes into both options. With waxing, you will need to make regular monthly appointments as the hair begins to grow back. Laser hair removal, on the other hand, only requires about six sessions before you can expect little to no further hair growth.

This would give the edge to laser hair removal, but different hair and skin types and hormonal conditions can require further maintenance sessions. Discuss your options with an esthetician to determine the best way to reduce unwanted hair.

Which Is More Painful?

The answer to this question heavily depends on the individual having the treatment; however, waxing is often reported as more painful. This is partially due to the fact that waxing can lead to ingrown hairs and other irritation after the treatment that can prolong the discomfort. In contrast, laser hair removal does not have any unwanted side effects as long as it is performed by a trained professional.

Reasons Men Should Consider Full-Body Waxing

Although waxing is typically the domain of women, there is no reason men cannot enjoy the benefits of the procedure. The societal stigma against full-body waxing has slowly evolved into everyday practice, with more and more men turning to this treatment. For individuals considering waxing on Long Island, NY, there are several reasons to book an appointment with a cosmetologist:

Muscle Definition

Bodybuilders have long known the benefits of waxing to define their muscles. A full-body wax is a way to go for men who want to give their bodies a more sculpted look. However, wait for at least 48-hours before exposing your beach body to the sun.

Minimize Body Odor

Body odor is a real issue for some men whose deodorant just can’t keep up. Since sweat and debris stick to hair, the more body hair you have, the more odor. Waxing removes the possibility of accumulated sweat and the accompanying odor.

Extended Results

Since most men regularly shave their faces, they know that it doesn’t last very long before it needs redoing. Waxing can last as long as six weeks before maintenance, so it is possible to look better and save money by choosing to wax over the razor.

If you are considering full-body waxing, it can be tempting to try it yourself. However, it is best to find an esthetician with cosmetology or hairstylist school credentials to be sure you are getting the best results.