Eyebrow Shaping: How to Achieve the Perfect Brow Arch

Eyebrow ShapingMany of us often want to get those arch-shaped eyebrows like celebrities, and we curse our genes for not gifting us with naturally beautiful eyebrows. For those born without lush eyebrows, there is a skill to achieving the perfect brow arch. You can attend a cosmetology school in Long Island, NY, to learn like the beauty pros, but here are a few handy tips for us amateurs to follow.


Use a Warm Cloth or Ice Cubes to Reduce Pain

You can choose to use a warm, moist cloth to wipe the eyebrow area, and this will open the pores to help hairs to come out more easily. Or, you may also choose to use an ice cube to numb the area so that when you pull the hairs out, there is less pain. Either method helps, but don’t do both together.


Draw Your Perfect Shape

Attend cosmetology school to learn how to draw lovely arched eyebrows, or read some of the excellent guides on the internet that advise which shape of the arch is suitable for different shaped faces. They usually include a measuring technique and notes of how to draw your preferred shape.


Tweeze Eyebrow Hair

Tweeze away all stray hairs outside of your drawn shape, including those that extend from the brows down towards the ears, and those between your eyebrows. Like the pros at cosmetology school, always tweeze in the direction of hair growth.


Do Not Over Tweeze

With any beauty regimen, there’s always the chance that you might overdo it. If you have accidentally plucked too many hairs, you can then backfill your eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil that matches your natural hairs.