Five Long Island Beauty Essentials Everyone Should Ha

Long Island BeautyIt would be great if we were able to have all of the different Long Island beauty and makeup tools we needed available to us at all times, but sadly space and money cannot always accommodate that. So what are the essential tools you need have with you to ensure you always look your very best?


There are five tools necessary for perfect esthetics. With these in your bag, you are going to be able to make it until you can get back to your makeup table or beauty salon. They include:


Concealer – With just a little bit of concealer, you can get rid of unwanted dark circles and puffiness that might take away from the beauty of your eyes and face. Concealer is the perfect tool when you know you aren’t going to be getting enough sleep at night or are feeling overly stressed.


Dry Shampoo – Want to make your hair appear fresh while adding a decent amount of volume? Dry shampoo is the answer. This is a great way to keep your hair looking great between regular washes.


Makeup Setting Spray – If you live in a hot or humid area, then this is an absolute lifesaver. This spray holds your makeup together for much longer than if it is left alone, which helps you look fresh no matter what you are doing or what the weather outside is like.


Face Wash – Removing excess oil and dirt from your face is a must if you want to keep your skin looking youthful, fresh, and energetic. Don’t invite breakouts, dry skin, and other discomforts to take over your complexion when a quick wash and rinse can keep them at bay.


Sunscreen – The ultraviolet rays from the sun can do irreversible damage to your skin. Not only can it lead to skin cancer, but it can also create wrinkles, sun spots, and other discolorations that you will wish weren’t there. A little protection now can keep your skin looking great for years to come.