How to Become an Esthetician

You have taken the first step to learn how to become an esthetician just by researching the requirements. No matter what you want to do with your cosmetology future, putting effort into learning about the educational requirements, work environment, and customer base is critical to making the right choice.

Educational Requirements

Your career will start with schooling at an institute specializing in everything from waxing to permanent makeup. You will need to attend an accredited esthetician certification program and take the state license test. Cosmetologists cannot work without the proper licensing.

Work Environment

As an esthetician, you will likely work in a salon or spa environment. Most cosmetologists work standard weekday hours plus Saturdays, and you can expect to make friends with both your colleagues and regular customers. In some cases, individuals prefer to work out of their homes, but you’ll need to check with local permitting regulations before altering the space or investing in equipment.

Customer Base

Customer service skills are critical for anyone intending to become an esthetician. A love of helping people look and feel their best is also paramount. You will spend several hours with your customers, and many estheticians discover that clients often become friends over time.