How to Build a Makeup Kit

Makeup KitPreparedness is a huge part of the beauty world. No amount of skill or talent makes up for an incomplete makeup kit, but that doesn’t mean you have to overspend to make sure you can deliver great results for clients. Our makeup artistry school in Long Island works with students of all levels and backgrounds, so we know a thing or two about putting together good supplies on a budget. Here are some of our top tips for assembling your go-to essentials:


Choose Carefully — You can save a lot by being picky with your shopping cart. Great results don’t come from having every option under the sun. They come from intentional, informed choices about what products you use. Never settle for something cheap over something effective, but remember that a higher price tag doesn’t always add up to a better result.


Read Reviews — One great thing about the online world is easy of access to product reviews and stories from other users. Look for insight from people who serve similar client bases as you, and don’t be afraid to reach out to tutorial makers and fellow students at your own makeup artistry school for answers to your questions.


Buy Basics in Bulk — If you know you’re going to use a lot of something, like a basic foundation, buying in bulk can cut down on costs. It’s a good way to stay prepared and take advantage of better deals in the long run.