Microblading Lash Lines

Close up view of a closed eye with no makeup

Curriculum on the cutting edge of permanent makeup courses in Long Island has a new trend to teach — adding tiny tattoos to lash lines. An ultra-thin black border lends a full, beautiful definition to one of the features many people find most important for drawing attention to their eyes. This procedure is an excellent solution for those dealing with thin lashes or conditions like alopecia.

However, is it worth it? After all, not everyone is very keen on having something sharp so close to their eyes. Fortunately, this is not like traditional studio tattooing. Using special techniques that have also been applied to eyebrows and other areas, a well-trained professional can create volume and appeal by framing the eyes with a specialized tool for the procedure.

The results are easy to notice and hard to pick out as artificial. Discrete but distinctive, this beauty secret is the newest trend bringing more freedom to anyone who wants to make the most of their lashes. As disconcerting as it can be to hear “blade” and “eye” in the same sentence, the results speak for themselves, and the process is as safe as any similar cosmetic enhancement. If you want soft, luscious lashes, look into this option to achieve them.

Learn why tiny lash line tattoos are becoming an essential part of permanent makeup courses in Long Island. This trend could be your new beauty secret.