Microblading Vs. Eyebrow Tattooing: What Is the Difference?

Eyebrow microblading in Long Island, NY, is a popular permanent makeup option in which pigment is placed underneath your skin. While this may sound very similar to eyebrow tattooing, there are a number of distinct differences between these options, including:

ResultsMicroblading is designed to last between one and two years instead of permanent eyebrow tattooing. This allows you to make adjustments to the appearance of your eyebrows over the years as trends change instead of being stuck with a look that went out of style. Additionally, microblading tends to look more natural than traditional permanent eyebrow tattoos.

Coloring – The ink used when microblading is entirely different from the one used in traditional tattooing. While tattoos can change color over time, your microblading results should continue to stay true to the original hue even as the color begins to fade.

Appearance – Microblading is the perfect solution for clients wanting a natural appearance. This service provides clients with beautiful brows that will capture the shape and color they are after, which can be quite different from the more artificial nature of eyebrow tattoos. This creates a flattering look that complements your features and face.