Permanent Makeup Healing Time

Permanent MakeupPermanent makeup has become extremely popular recently, and the first thing you learn is that it is very similar to a tattoo. While technically classified as a tattoo by the FDA, a permanent makeup school in Long Island, NY, will teach you that there are several key differences between the two, such as the pigmentation used and the application methods. By and large, however, they’re the same. This is especially true when it comes to the healing process and timeline.


During the first week after the procedure, you should expect acute healing. “Acute healing” means the crust of plasma and pigment that forms on top of the colored area, where you’ll also get some swelling, some light bruising, and sensitivity. A permanent makeup school will always warn you to ensure that you keep the area moist during the acute healing phase, and to apply topical ointment to the area throughout the day. Even though the area itches, don’t scratch it, and make sure to always use sunscreen.


After the first week, your permanent makeup will be largely healed, but you will continue to notice flaking for another week or so, and the full color will begin to show. The color won’t be as intense as it was initially, but that’s normal. Then, after two weeks, your permanent makeup should be completely healed.