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The Side Effects of Facial Waxing

When smooth, hair-free facial skin is your goal, you may be considering waxing as an alternative to plucking or hair removal lotions. While you can purchase various products off-the-shelf, it is worth scheduling an appointment with an esthetician who offers facial waxing in Long Island, NY.

The Risks Explained

No facial waxing experience is without minor risks, so explore the side effects to determine whether the benefits are worth it.

Some level of pain is inevitable with waxing and depends on your skin sensitivity, wax location, and level of tolerance.

Redness and irritation are common side effects of facial waxing but will fade shortly. Be aware of increased sensitivity and use caution when applying products.

If you develop a rash and it persists or spreads, stop using the product and talk to your health care professional.

Temporary bumps can arise where the hair and roots are removed. A calming cream can soothe them, but they should quickly resolve independently.

If the hair shaft breaks below the skin, ingrown hairs could become an uncomfortable issue.

Never wax with a sunburn, and be aware of sun sensitivity because your skin will be more susceptible to damage.

A small amount of bleeding is normal after waxing because it removes the hair as well as the top layer of the skin.

The Professional Touch

Makeup school is an excellent resource when you need the services of an esthetician who can deliver the facial waxing results you want with minimal side effects.