The Basics of Eyelash Extension Training in Long Island, NY

Applying Eyelash ExtensionsEyelash extensions are one of the best ways to create gorgeous lashes that will draw attention to your eyes. With the proper eyelash extension training in Long Island, NY, a licensed technician can carefully apply fake lashes one-by-one to create a dramatic, but natural look. The key to esthetics is to fully understand the tools you are working with. That is why we have created this eyelash extension crash course.


Most eyelash extensions are made from mink, synthetic hair, or synthetic silk. Depending on if you are getting a full set or a partial set, a technician will apply patches underneath your eye to hold down the bottom lashes while applying a primer for the upper lashes. The technician will then use tweezers to fan out your lashes before dipping each individual extension into the glue and attaching it to the top of the isolated natural eyelash. This process can take up to three hours.


Once the lashes are in place, they will usually last until the natural lashes fall out. Eyelashes typically last from 6 to 8 weeks before they fall out and start re-growing. That means, with the right care and proper application, you can expect your extensions to last that long.


Speaking of caring for your lashes, you need to be careful when wearing eye makeup with your extensions. Oil-based or waterproof mascara can dissolve the glue. The act of applying mascara, in general, can tug at the extensions, which can cause them to fall out sooner. So it is best to simply avoid eye makeup if you can. When the extensions are done right, you probably won’t need it.