Tips for Natural Bridal Makeup

Professional stylist applying bridal makeupIf your wedding is on the horizon, one of the most important and challenging choices of the big day is how you do your makeup. For an increasing number of brides, the natural look is the best way to bring out their beauty while keeping things radiant and authentic. At some of the best makeup courses in Long Island, the simplified appeal is an integral part of the curriculum. Here are a few of the things you would learn at places like the Long Island Nail Skin & Hair Institute:

Never Skip Prep — The right start for bridal beauty prep is simple but essential. Even the best cosmetician cannot always deliver a natural glow in one day, so it is especially important to practice good skincare in the time leading up to your wedding. This includes exfoliation, skin tightening, and brightening.

Embrace Soft Skin — Nothing quite beats a fresh-faced bridal look, and the secret is a light and dewy application that is full-coverage, but not cakey. It is all about balance and a soft, sincere-looking finish.

Highlight Bright Eyes — Softly dusted products in neutral, earthy tones let your eyes stand out while maintaining an unobtrusive sense of beauty.

Leave Lips Simple — Overpowering lipsticks and liners can detract from a natural look. Go with something simple, like a nude shade with a wash of pink, to keep lips distinct but demure.

The best makeup courses in Long Island teach the importance of a natural look. Help others shine on their big day with these tips taught at our institute.