Tips on Avoiding Microblading Problems

One of the most popular procedures for estheticians is microblading in Long Island, NY, and with good reason. It’s a great way to stay looking young and fresh. However, the one who does the work can make all the difference to the results. Avoiding costly errors is a matter of knowing what to ask.

How Experienced is the Technician?

Anything to do with permanent makeup requires an experienced artist. Ask how long they have done microblading and check their certifications.

Is the Pattern Drawn On?

Freehand is an absolute “no” with microblading. The technician should draw the pattern before starting the work.

Did They Promise the Shape Will Be Smaller When Complete?

If it looks too large to start, chances are it will stay too large. It’s much easier to remove hair than to add it afterward.

Did You Choose Based on Price?

Having a budget is smart; choosing the cheapest artist is not. Cheaper often means they are not very good, or they are inexperienced. You’ll want to avoid both of those situations.

Did You Ask for Before and After Photos or Referrals?

Ask to see before and after photos to get an idea of their quality. Referrals are beneficial because you can see the healed results and get an honest opinion.

Are You Comfortable with the Technician?

You should feel comfortable with your technician. The microblading experience is very personal, and you need to feel at ease while they work.