Top Hairstyles for the Bride in 2020

The Bride in 2020Your wedding day is your day to shine. It’s all about you, and it should be. When all eyes are on you and the cameras are flashing, you’ll be glad you chose the staff at Long Island Skin & Hair Institute. Our staff has an abundance of information and advice on the best wedding hairstyles in Long Island, NY. We want you to look your best because on this day, looks are important.


In this new decade, we are seeing a resurgence of an old favorite — the sleek center part. This option works well for brides who shun curls and want a look that’s glamorously simple.


Accessories are making their mark as well among the best wedding hairstyles. We’re not talking about earrings and jewelry here, but rather our focus is on padded headbands along with bows and scarves.


Headbands are the modern version of the tiara and come in a range of styles, from staid to whimsical. They offer you the versatility of looking great with your hair up or down. You can make a statement with a bow on your wedding day or give a glimpse of your wild side with an expressive and dynamic scarf. We also anticipate ponytails becoming a trend as well, and we see those working great with a bow or scarf.


You might want to consider some color, a tasteful turban, or a braid or two.