What Do You Learn in Permanent Makeup Classes?

One of the fastest-growing beauty services is permanent makeup. On Long Island, NY, up-and-coming professionals learn everything they need to know about this field at Long Island Nail Skin & Hair Institute. Our curriculum includes:

Precautions: The fundamentals of permanent makeup training are sanitation, sterilization, and other universal precautions. Everything else you may learn is meaningless if you do not learn how to conduct your business in a safe manner.

Consultations and Contraindication: To satisfy your future clients, you need to understand how to conduct productive consultations. In addition, you must learn the relevant contraindications—circumstances in which techniques should not be used.

Anatomy and Physiology: You may think you already know plenty about facial anatomy, but there is always more to learn. We’ll take you past surface-level knowledge so that you can utilize permanent makeup techniques effectively.

Color Theory: Some people have a good eye for colors; others don’t. The good news is that it is a skill you can sharpen in our makeup classes.

Techniques: The bulk of your studies will consist of learning and practicing the actual techniques of permanent makeup, including tattooing and microblading.

Business Knowledge: Finally, our classes will set you up for success by teaching you some business basics, all tailored to the specific needs of permanent makeup and microblading.