What Your Clients Can Expect During the Microblading Healing Process

Microblading is a popular tattooing technique that gives clients the attractive look of bolder eyebrows. However, going through the process isn’t going to be for everyone. The healing period can be quite demanding, and the full results of the technique won’t be noticeable for up to a month.

You’ll definitely want to keep your clients fully informed about what to expect so they’ll have an easier time managing the healing process. Here’s what your clients need to know about microblading in Long Island, NY.

Days 1 & 2 – Clients’ eyebrows will be swollen, tender to the touch, and some bleeding may occur; the strokes may appear to be too dark at first, but this passes.

Days 3 & 4 – The pigment begins to lighten to the desired tone but will still appear too dark. The treated area will continue to be sensitive, and will be prone to infections, so clients need to be careful.

Days 5-8 – Around this point, flaking and scabbing begin, and the eyebrows will itch; clients need to resist scratching, however, as this can remove the pigment.

Days 8-10 – The scabs start to come off, and the brows may look much lighter and patchier than they should, but this is a normal part of healing.

Days 11-28 – The worst is over at this point, and the eyebrows are taking their final shape. They may still look patchy as the strokes are reappearing, but the skin will no longer be sensitive. In some cases, a touch-up appointment will be needed.