Why a Haircut Costs So Much

Hairdresser trimming brown hair with scissors

One complaint the average consumer makes about the hair industry is how expensive salon services can be. Haircut prices vary from salon to salon, and there are many different factors that a stylist considers when setting the cost for this simple service.

Education: Cosmetology courses in Suffolk County, NY, are not cheap. Whether your stylist is currently going through school or recently completed it, the monthly expenses associated with their education could be factored into the prices they set.

Rent & Utilities: Some hairstylists work for a company while others work for themselves and pay a rental fee for a chair or own their own business. The amount of these expenses is often a significant factor in the prices set. Your stylist needs to ensure they can afford their rent, water, heat, electric, and any other expenses required to keep their space from month to month.

Licensing & Insurance: A salon license and an individual cosmetology license must be renewed every year. This involves completing a set number of hours for continuing education, which comes with its fees. Since this happens yearly, a stylist will always be factoring in these costs to their service prices.

Tools & Supplies: Though all a haircut requires is a comb and some scissors, these tools will not last forever. Stylists often have multiple shears that last 2 to 5 years on average. Stylists always need to ensure their equipment is top-notch to provide the best cut possible for their clients.